Wine and Chili


It is comfort food season!  The days get dark sooner, the air is crisp and cold and at times there is snow on the ground. These are all signals to pull out those comfort food recipes. Let’s talk about chili!  

For Chili that is a bit spicier, try a sweeter wine.  Our Gamma White and InfraRed will hit the spot. A rule of wine pairing is that opposites attract! 

Ultraviolet White would pair great with chicken chili.  A crisp white wine, like Ultra Violet will complement the creaminess of the dish. 

Not sure if you want a white wine or a red.  No need to worry, just pair with a Rosé, like Fusion.  Rosé wines are usually brought out during the warmer months, but we say drink year-round! 

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Cheers to chili and wine!